Student Fees go to good use

Aug 262003
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

While students are paying a total of $418.20 in student fees, some full-time students do not know where their money is going and do not utilize the services the fee provides.

When asked where their fees go, Ross Curington and Ken Kim could list the Student Recreation Center, bus passes and the new technology fee as services covered by student fees.

“I don’t know where three-fourths of (the money) goes,” said Kim, a sophomore open option student.

Curington, also a sophomore open option student, said he does not think that he uses all of the services for which he pays.

“I don’t think it’s being utilized,” Curington said.

Full-time student fees this semester are $28.39 more than last year, including a new $15 university technology fee. Part-time students taking five or fewer credits pay a total of $51.40.

The total number of students enrolled last year during the fall semester was 24,298, said Keith Ickes, the associate vice president for CSU Admissions.

Ickes said that the official number of students enrolled this fall will not be released until Sept. 10.

The Associated Students of CSU receive $22.58 from every full-time student.

Katie Clausen, the vice president of ASCSU, said this money goes to fund the Transfort partnership, the student handbook, maintaining a legislative liaison in Denver and the annual concert in Moby Arena, among other things.

“The remaining balance is usually around $75,000 and is allocated on a first come first serve basis to the over 300 student organizations on campus through the (Student) Funding Board,” Clausen said in an email.

Student fees also cover tickets to home athletic games, legal advice from Student Legal Services and visits to general doctors at the Hartshorn Health Center. The health center receives the biggest chunk of student fees at $97.01.

The student services fee is $81.01, which is allocated to programs including Campus Media, the University Counseling Center, the Career Center, the Performing Arts Council and Resources for Disabled Students.

The Lory Student Center receives $74.09 from each full-time student, which covers operations and facilities construction/renovation.

The uses of the new technology fee have not yet been determined, Clausen said, though some proposed ideas include enhancing RAMweb and replacing the library computers.

The Student Fee Review Board will decide where the money will go and Clausen encourages students to get involved.

“The meetings are open to the public and student opinion is encouraged,” Clausen said.

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