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Aug 262003
Authors: Taryn Foellmer

In the dictionary, food is defined as “all things that are edible.”

To some CSU students, the definition of food can be summed up in one word: necessity.

A new meal plan, Quokka, now offers students living off campus an alternative to frozen dinners and vending machines.

Ryan Delaney, a CSU alumnus and founder of Quokka, has teamed up with 45 restaurants in Fort Collins to satisfy students’ tastes.

“We wanted to make it similar to the university meal plans, but better and with more options,” Delaney said.

The program works like most meal plans, where a card is purchased and can be used for a certain number of meals, he said. The main difference is that the card can be used at locations like Chili’s instead of Corbett Hall ‘s dining room.

“It would be great to have something like Quokka so my parents could pay for it, but I could go out instead of eating macaroni,” said Jessica Berthod, a sophomore open option seeking business major.

When students purchase a pre-paid Quokka card they choose one of five options that suits the number of meals they need for the semester.

Delaney said every student has a unique17 digit number and a personal identification number that is taken when they order meals.

For students who do not like to eat out all the time, there is the option of take out food.

“More than one-third of our restaurants do delivery,” Delaney said.

According to Quokka’s informative pamphlet, the largest plan, which gives students 14 meals each week for $1,196, is called The Full Monty.

The “most popular” meal plan buys seven meals per week and costs $608 for the semester. Quokka’s lightest option, The Occasional, costs $272 for three meals each week.

Another benefit of the Quokka system is the card is now usable at Ram’s Bookstore and a special laundry service.

Students have the option of adding a laundry plan of 15 to 25 loads to their card for extra cost.

Either Valet Laundry or Laundry Express will pick up students laundry then return it washed, dried and folded.

“I know a lot of people without washers and dryers where they live, so the laundry service would be a big help,” Berthod said.

For more information on joining Quokka, students can visit www.QuokkaCard.com or call (800) 858-3552.

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