Aug 262003
Authors: Lindsey Boudreau

Some students who have registered on RAMweb have seen these bright red words one time or another. But while some students consider full classes a part of the college life, several CSU employees say there can be a way to avoid the registration hassle.

Keith James, a professor of psychology, said classes are often full because professors limit the number of people in each class so “students will have a better quality of learning.”

The department also restricts some classes, James said.

“The cap the department puts on a class also depends on the number of teaching assistants the professor has,” he said.

Susan Suzuki, administrative assistant for the sociology department, said sociology classes were 90 percent full before sophomores could even register.

“This shortage might be because the sociology department has seen the biggest increase in majors in the last five years and has actually decreased the number of faculty,” she said.

For students who want to get into classes that are full, Sue Coulson, office manager for the records office, suggested going to the individual professor and talking to him or her about overriding into the class.

Coulson said some departments can register students electronically even if the class is full.

The Provost/Academic Vice President’s office suggested going to the first couple of classes and to keep trying to register several times a day because other students might drop the class.

They also advised trying out the new online class schedule, because it has up-to-the-second course availability.

Registration problems do not get to everyone, however.

“I had problems getting into classes at the times I wanted them, but I just took them at another time,” said Nathan Fulton, a freshman theatre major.

Indira Gujral, an environmental health graduate student, agreed with Fulton.

“There aren’t as many grad students so my classes aren’t hard to get into,” she said. “I didn’t have any problems registering.”

For those students who are not as lucky, James said there is at least one effective strategy to get an override.

“Once I hear a student’s sob story, it’s hard to say no,” he said.

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