Aug 252003
Authors: Carmen Filosa

The Lory Student Center’s condition may have surprised many

returning students this fall, with a $2.4 million renovation to the

food court in process.

“In the long run it will be worth the inconvenience,” said

Robert Peters, director of business at the student center.

Peters, who has spent more than a year preparing for the

construction, said he is concerned about the flow of traffic

through the student center while the construction is taking place,

but he believes the outcome of the renovation is the most important


Despite the failing economy, Peters said he was able to take

advantage of the situation by refinancing loans to new lower

interest rates in a process he describes as “a combination of luck

and awareness.”

This helped the student center save $4 million, all of which had

to be spent only on the student center, according to the student

center’s Web site.

“We would have been asleep at the switch if we didn’t do (the

renovations),” Peters said.

Peters said the renovations to the food court, which had not

been remolded since 1982, will make the dining experience easier

and quicker when they are finished.

With the help of a carefully assembled panel that included

students, alumni and staff, Peters looked at what the student

population most needed.

One problem with the old setup was that once patrons received

their food at the food court they had to wait in another line to

pay for it, Peters said.

“That was inefficient, a pain and it took too long,” he


After the renovations are completed, every restaurant will have

a cash register, separate kitchen and the food court will have over

200 more seats and better lighting, Peters said.

He said another benefit to the renovations will be the ability

to change the restaurants in accordance with students’


“We’ve designed these venues to update and keep up with trends

that students are interested in,” Peters said. “It’s much more


“It’s what our market expects and deserves,” said Peters, who is

excited about the possibilities the new food can bring in, making

students lives easier.

The food court is not the only thing that was renovated this

summer, however.

Other renovations include remodeling of the North Ballroom and

the Cherokee Park Ballroom to improve acoustics, lighting and the


“I was surprised to see the renovation and I’m wondering how

long it will take,” said Cameron McDonnell, a freshman business


Despite not being completed, McDonnell looks forward to the

finished product.

“I think it will be an improvement and will give finishing

touches to the student center,” McDonnell said.

For students who are wondering what restaurants are open

currently, the student center Web site states Tacos y Mas and It’s

a Wrap have both been temporarily moved the east atrium of the

student center.

Students who are interested in the operating hours and available

restaurants in the student center can go to



















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