Connections Beyond Class

Aug 252003
Authors: Christiana Nelson

With over 300 different student organizations at CSU, it is

sometimes difficult to not be involved.

Located in the basement of the Lory Student Center, the Student

Organizations Office contains information on more than 300 student

organizations for a variety of interests. From social organizations

and honor societies to cultural associations and service clubs, the

Student Organizations Office offers the chance to be in all sorts

of different clubs.

Many students have found student organizations to be an

important part of their college experience.

Dylan Metzgar, a senior electrical engineering major, has found

that being a member of student organizations is a great compliment

to his classes and his social life.

“They get you more involved with other people,” Metzgar said,

“for more than a social gathering, but for that as well.”

Freshman Christen Thompson, a sports medicine major, hopes that

she can become involved in student organizations because she

believes membership can hold benefits.

“It’s important to be involved,” Thompson said. “To meet

different people and to help people out.”

The Student Organizations Office offers several different

opportunities to learn about any of the more than 300 student

organizations at CSU. Centertainment is one of the best

opportunities to get involved, said Pam Sampson, assistant director

for student involvement.

Centertainment is held biannually and allows existing clubs the

opportunity to publicize their organization. Tables will be set up

on the student center Plaza from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sept. 3 with

information regarding on-campus activity membership.

“I suggest that freshmen come to Centertainment,” Sampson said.

“Even if you don’t think you will have time, I would challenge them

to give themselves the opportunity to see if you have


Other options for joining a student organization include

visiting the Student Organizations Office, which can give students

direct information or contact information for an organization.

Some students, like Matt Clifford, a sophomore soil and crop

science major, prefer to improvise and look at posters for

involvement information.

“I just look at posters,” Clifford said. “They lead you to the

time and meeting room. I also like when they have deals to go with

them, you can win stuff, prizes, at meetings.”

Whatever the technique for learning about student organizations,

Sampson estimates that three-fourths of undergraduate students take

advantage of at least one of the student organizations on


For students who do not find an organization to their liking, it

is possible to start a new organization. For Brenna Riding, a

junior art education major, all it took was a scooter.

“I got a scooter and couldn’t find any organizations (centered

around scooters) on campus,” Riding said. “But I knew there was a

whole sub-culture of scooter riders.”

Enter the Killer Bees Scooter Club.

Riding began her club last summer and initiated recruitment

through Centertainment, posters and word of mouth. After a year the

Killer Bees Scooter Club, a social club, has approximately 14

members and embarks upon group rides, picnics and dinners.

Riding said that she has made a lot of good friends through the

club and it has been enjoyable for her to meet people with similar


There are some steps to register a new organization with the

Student Organizations Office, which provides benefits for publicity

and funding.

First, pick up a registration form in the Student Organizations

Office. The second step is to write a constitution describing the

organization’s focus.

The final step is to have the president and treasurer attend an

officer’s orientation meeting, which will advise officers of the

resources available to organizations and how to be successful.

Whether students are interested in an existing organization or

are looking to begin a new organization, Sampson believes that

on-campus involvement plays an important role at CSU.

“Coming to college isn’t just about going to class,” Sampson

said. “It is about making connections.”


Spotlight on Centertainment

Who: Anyone interested in getting information on student


What: Centertainment

When: September 3, 2003 from 10am-3pm

Where: Lory Student Center Plaza (Inside accommodations if it


How: Just visit various student organization tables for


Why: To make connections and get involved!




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