Aug 242003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

If you see people holding out copies of The Collegian today on your way to your first class, don’t worry, they are not trying to sell you copies of it. The Collegian’s dedicated staff will be out all morning handing out free copies of the free paper as well as free granola bars on your way to class.

Handing out newspapers and granola bars is the beginning of an effort to remind students that we work for you.

We invite you to stop by and chat with the reporters, editors, designers, photographers and everyone else who works hard to produce your daily student paper.

We are out there in an effort to become more available for suggestions and ideas because The Collegian needs to be a reflection of the CSU community and the students who make up that community.

The Collegian is your paper; your student fees help make it possible to produce the paper five times a week.

This year’s editorial staff is dedicated to improving the paper with more accurate and balanced stories and more coverage of campus news, sports and entertainment.

We invite the CSU community to come down to the newsroom and talk with the editors and staff with suggestions and ideas. Although we may not be able to run all of your ideas we will certainly listen to them and see what we can make work.

One of the goals of the newspaper is to make it a resource for students. Whether for campus events, weather, sport recaps, comics, restaurant and movie review or the daily horoscope.

We look forward to reading your letters to the editor and your comments and concerns and are excited to work for you this school year and produce the best newspaper possible.

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