Aug 242003
Authors: Olivia Latham

When students buy new books, they are guaranteed to look new; when students buy used books, it can save them money.

“Buying used books is good, especially if you’re on a budget system,” said sophomore Trevor Gamble, a business management major.

In Fort Collins students can find new or used textbooks at Big Dog Textbooks, The Rams Bookstore and the CSU Bookstore, among others.

Big Dog Textbooks specializes in used books, said David Dyer, textbook manager for Big Dog.

He said the store meets any other bookstore price if a book is found to be less expensive at another store. They also offer a discount card to students when they spend over $200 on books.

At the CSU bookstore students can find every textbook, manual or study guide or other related material for any class offered at CSU, said senior Gwen Bohlender, sales clerk at the CSU Bookstore and a marketing major.

“At the CSU bookstore all books bought back at the end of the semester, during the official buyback period are bought back for 50 percent of the new price,” Bohlender said, “depending upon whether or not (the books are) being adopted for the following semester.”

Some students recommend buying used books over new books.

“I always try to get as many used books as I can,” said sophomore Sarah Chiarello, an equine science major.

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