Aug 202003
Authors: Olivia Latham

Fall is right around the corner and some students are moving into the residence halls and getting ready for classes.

Among all the various activities taking place, one that some students may be thinking about is how to decorate a residence hall room at minimal cost.

Some Fort Collins businesses offer students reasonably priced accessories for residence hall rooms, apartments or houses. Among others, Savers, ARC, Wal-mart and Mello Yellow are just a few names that offer students inexpensive items for decoration.

Students can decorate their dorm for under $100 and even under $50 at Savers thrift store, said Savers sales clerk Gareth Brown. They offer furniture, stereos, posters, mirrors, wallpaper and rugs.

“If you’re looking to decorate a dorm, apartment or house and low on money, come to Savers,” Brown said.

Some students find furniture a necessity.

“Get a couch, all my friends had couches and I didn’t,” said Lindsey Higerd, a sophomore biomedical science major. “They’re worth it.”

Other students recommend putting a long mirror on shopping lists.

“It’s good to have a long mirror so you can piece together an outfit,” said junior Megan Lonsdale, a biological education major.

ARC thrift store offers a 20 percent discount to all students carrying student identification from any state in the country. At Wal-mart, students can buy a mini-fridge for $125 or students can rent one from the university for the year for $63.

Posters are also recommended by some students as a way to brighten up residence hall rooms.

“I had a lot of posters,” said junior Sarah Lindholm, an apparel design major. “They covered up the nasty brick.”

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