Aug 202003
Authors: Shandra Jordan

Welcome back, or just welcome, to our readers. As the editor in chief of The Collegian, I want to introduce myself, my staff and an improved Collegian. I hope that over the next year we can prove to you what a valuable resource we are for campus news and keep you reading us every morning.

We have two primary goals for the upcoming year and we’ve made some changes to better meet them.

Our first goal is to convince you to pick up the paper every morning. To achieve this we’re making design a priority by hiring a talented and motivated design and copy desk staff directed by J.J. Babb, our design managing editor, Liz King, the assistant design managing editor and Vera Feistel, our head copy editor. We plan to make the paper not only informative, but interesting and enjoyable to read.

Our front page has been redesigned to include World Briefs on the left hand side to keep you informed about the world beyond CSU, and News of the Weird to entertain you before class starts (or during, whatever your preference).

We’ve changed Campus Calendar to an everyday feature instead of twice a week so you can pick up the paper everyday and find out what to do each night. We’ve also added U.S. Campus Briefs twice a week so you can keep up-to-date on what’s happening at schools across the country.

Our second goal is to make The Collegian reflect our campus community. We’re here because of you, so we’re going to tell you what you want to know and what you need to know. We want to you feel like you can always approach us if you have comments, complaints or story ideas.

The managing editor is Colleen Buhrer and she will direct the campus desk, led by Kyle Endres and Jason Kosena, the state and regional desk, led by Patrick Crossland, the entertainment desk, led by Nicole Davis and Daniel Byers, and the sports desk led by Josh Pilkington. The main contact number for The Collegian is 491-1688 or, but you can also contact any of these people directly. You can find a list of their phone numbers and email addresses on page 2.

The Collegian is located in Student Media in the basement of the student center and you can find contact information for all our editors at

We’ve also added a feature called Photo of the Week to our Friday papers. If you belong to a campus organization or simply did something cool last weekend with your fellow students, take a photo and bring it by the newsroom or email it to Willow Welter, our visual editor at Please include all names and majors of students in the photo.

Finally, if you have something to say about The Collegian, CSU, Fort Collins or the world, send a letter to the editor to Christopher Ortiz, our opinion editor at

We will continue to bring you news, features and opinion related to CSU and Fort Collins every day and The Dish, your local entertainment source, every Thursday.

We may not always agree with one another, but we hope that you will have a good enough relationship to keep reading and keep giving us feedback.

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