Aug 202003
Authors: Taylour Nelson

With 24,000 students using Ramweb each month, CSU has decided to upgrade some of the resources students use on the Web site.

Ramweb offers tools, information and services to students through personal Web pages. When logged on, students can access information that is specific to their classes, grades, billing information and financial aid status.

It also has their unofficial transcripts and a grade point average predictor that can provide students with a probable grade point average depending on what grades they plan to receive.

“I use it for classes and to change my address, but mostly for registration,” said Brian Durick, a graduate student studying Student Affairs in Higher Education.

Ramweb also features a student job listing where employers can post available jobs to students for on- or off-campus employment.

The new upgraded version has some obvious changes, such as the look and design of the page and also a new class schedule search capability.

Now, students can access more information on the classes for which they plan to register, said Chris Seng, director of Student Systems which runs Ramweb.

This includes the professor’s name, prerequisites and restrictions on each class as well as real-time seat availability. Ramweb can now update the number of open seats as soon as they become available and then close access to the class when it is full.

With the previous university class schedule online, seat availability would not always be accurate because Ramweb was only updated at night, Seng said.

Ramweb can now provide the same information the printed class schedule books have provided in the past.

Another change Ramweb has seen is the new printable weekly schedule of classes.

“I heard about a new schedule maker. It’s pretty spiffy,” said Andrew Berkeley, a sophomore mechanical engineering major.

This provides students with their class schedule neatly written out for them with the blocks for their individual classes on a calendar. This new feature has more than 5,000 hits a day since it has become available, Seng said.

Some students have already taken advantage of this new printable class schedule.

“It’s really handy,” said Wes Marriott, a graduate student in chemistry. “But I think it’s more of a convenience than a necessity.”

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