Construction overtakes city

Aug 062003
Authors: Colleen Buhrer

Driving around town people may have noticed some orange signs talking of road closure dates and a little increased traffic in those areas. The cause: road construction.

Each year the city works to improve roads around town. This means a little more hassle for commuters today, but hopefully nicer travels in the future.

The construction on Shields Street from Horsetooth Road to Spring Creek and Mulberry to Vine, is trying to just that.

According to Rick Richter, pavement management engineer for the city and project manager for this project, start date on the Shields road construction is set for Aug. 13.

To improve Shields Street, Culter Repaving from Lawrence, Kan., is using a process called Hot-in-Place-Asphalt-Recycling, Richter said. This is a process to heat existing asphalt, add some new asphalt and then lay all of it as new asphalt.

The purpose of this process is to improve the ride and quality of the road, Richter said. The asphalt is laid by a 100-150 foot train as a one-time operation.

“It’s a moving process,” he said.

The finish date is set as Aug. 22. Richter said the goal is to have it done by Aug. 25, when CSU students return to class.

They are doing some work at night to avoid the daytime traffic impact, Richter said.

“Whatever we can do at night we try to do,” he said. “It’s a pretty quick operation.”

The city sent out 800 flyers to residents along Shields Street informing them of the pending construction, Richter said.

“We try to get the word out as much as we can,” he said.

According to the Fort Collins Web site, some other places Fort Collins residents may find construction before the end of the year are:

-Drake Road, east of Timberline due to a widening of the road

-Taft Hill south of LaPorte Avenue for a bridge replacement

-Along College, Mountain, Mason and Oak streets downtown, for enhancement projects, and

-The North College Corridor and Jefferson-Riverside, for repaving.

Richter says that the city spends about $7 million each year to maintain the roadways.


For information about current construction projects throughout the city visit www.

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