We hold the power of sex

Jul 162003
Authors: J.J. Babb

If you have it, use it and as women, we have it.

We have a power- a power of persuasion, a power of sex, and why not use it?

Eyes, smiles, legs and breasts can get us so much in life-into a full club, use of a fake id, a discount at a store and things we want at home.

Even from a young age I learned I could use my “charms” (eyes and smile at that point) to get my father to give me extra ice cream, or a treat at the grocery store. He was constantly saying, “don’t give me those puppy dog eyes young lady.”

In fact, I still hear that from my father, brother and men I’ve dated, but now it is “don’t give me that look,” as they falter and do whatever it is I had asked. (Okay, almost whatever I ask. In fact, I just got Dairy Queen last night because I used my “female charms,” to coerce the man I’m dating into taking me there.

What is this great power we have over men?

With our fathers, grandfathers and brothers it seems the power is our “weakness.” That presumed weakness we as women possess and presumed “need to be protected.” We know we are not weak, nor do we need males to protect us, we just know how to get what we want.

With men we date, or men in the community, we use sex. Not the “have sex,” or the “go to bed together” kind of sex, but flirtation-the idea of sex. Since men think about sex once every ten minutes, it’s not hard to plant the idea in their heads. Our sexy smiles, our flirting eyes and our other physical attributes constantly get us flowers, free drinks at bars and discounts around town.

Now, I’m not suggesting I or we, as women, should “sleep our way to the top.” I’m not saying we should let sexual harassment take place, those things should NEVER happen. I am just saying why not use what we’ve got?

Men are physically stronger and use that attribute constantly. Men use sexual harassment to get what they want. Why not turn the tables on them and use the beauty of our bodies and the knowledge of how to use these attributes to get what we want in life?

I see nothing wrong with being who we are? Do you think so? Is it against every feminist moral? Some of you may think so, but not me.

My sex is part of my identity. Being a woman is who I am. I have breasts, eyes and a smile. And I have no problem using everything about my female body and perceived notion of it to get what I want.

I know I am not weak, stupid nor in need of protection, but if occasionally acting like it gets me something I want, by all means I will get it.

In fact I think men are at a disadvantage in the world. They are powerless to female methods of persuasion.

How often are we as women tempted to use sexual favors in exchange for things we want? As a co-worker of mine correctly stated, “Men would be much more efficient decision makers if they didn’t have penises.” They are at our total mercy, and I for one love that.

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