To the editors:

Jul 162003

Our democracy now balances on the edge of a knife. Our government is being hijacked. Corporations have corrupted our electoral process, and many of our politicians. They now occupy the highest offices of our nation. These corporate shills are purposely bankrupting our government (ie us) with insane fiscal irresponsibility, to expedite privatization …”Citizens, we’ve given all your tax money to the ultra-rich, and now your government can’t afford you, so we’ll just let the corporations handle your health care, ok?” No, it is not ok. Imagine having to beg corporations for clean water, clean air, medicine for your family, or a social security check. That is when we will feel the twisting of the knife that is now being slipped so skillfully into our backs. They seek control over our health care, education, food and water, social security, environmental policy, and our foreign policy, wars included obviously. Every necessity of human life handed over to the same boardroom liars that brought us Enron. Will our voices be heard there? No, only the shrill drumbeat of corporate beancounters who have as much interest in our well being as Ken Lay had for the pension plans of his employees. This is a call to arms for America. We must disempower the forces that have perverted our system and replaced the people’s representatives with corporate puppets. If you read our Constitution, you will see that American government is simply the people, taking care of the people. Corporations are not people. They are profit machines proven not be trusted with our lives and well-being. The politicians who have buried us in debt, pushing for more corporate government are, by exact definition, traitors to the constitution they swore to uphold, and traitors to the people they pretend to serve.

David Singelyn

po box 312 Warner Springs Ca

909 529 3825

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