To the Editor:

Jul 162003

You are smarter than the average CSU student, but in all honesty, court is better without politics? That is impossible. Anytime a decision is made that will affect the laws in this country, that’s politics, and by definition that’s what the Supreme Court is for. But I know what you meant by that, and agree. I mean I know the point you were making and I totally agree. I agree with your views, for the most part. But we have to let the Christian right have their say, and yeah George could lose, or in the election after that, whoever is in live to take his place as a Republican president could absolutely lose.

No president can really screw us up too bad for very long, because you and I won’t vote for him next time, or Congress will say enough is enough, regardless of which party controls it.

What makes this country great is that we can talk openly about this all day. Also, you have the freedom to do what you want, with the understanding that you have that freedom as long as you don’t break the law. And if you do, and feel you did not break the law, you can try to prove that. But that whole system has it’s own issues, and I don’t even want to start on that. But America, despite problems, in my opinion is better than places where you would go to jail for voicing your opinion. And yes, unfortunately, that happens in America at times, but at least theoretically, it’s not supposed to.

The only thing I don’t like about Liberals, and Republicans are just as bad, is the whole toss money at a problem approach. Example: if you want people not to do drugs, educate them at age 8, it will take less time and money than telling the same person at 30 to “just say no”. By then it’s too late and a waste of money and space to put some drug addict it jail. Sorry Nancy, you led a sheltered life and have no idea what the hell you are talking about

I actually dislike the two-party system. It fools people into thinking that one party is perfect and the other is sinful. I have issues with Democrats, too, just generally not as many.

Charles Cady, Liberal Arts grad 1999

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