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Authors: Colleen Buhrer

As of Tuesday, students are once again allowed to use any credit card of their choice to pay for tuition at CSU.

The university teamed up with an optional payment service CASHNet SmartPay to allow students this opportunity with a convenience fee. A bill passed in Colorado Congress in May now makes it possible for agencies to place a convenience fee on the customer for credit card payments and bank fees.

Students choosing to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover may do so with a 2.9 percent convenience fee. The fee is used to pay for the cost of processing the credit card payments, said Ed Ruotsinoja, director of business and financial services at CSU.

The Collegian reported in early April that the university would stop accepting Visa and MasterCard because of the high cost of processing fees. The university was paying approximately $600,000 for processing these credit cards.

To pay by credit card students can go to the web cashier on the CSU Web site and will be directed to Smart pay or they can go directly to the Smartpay Web site. Once the student pays tuition on the Smartpay web site, their student account is credited.

“It is good that they have another option for students,” said Robin Lears, a biology student working on her second bachelor’s degree. “Two point nine percent isn’t too bad.”

With the web cashier students can also pay tuition and other fees with online checks. Ruotsinoja cautions about always just going to Smartpay because students may also be charged a 2.9 percent fee on online checks. He says to make sure students are only going to Smartpay for credit card payments.

“The service is completely funded from the fee the student pays,” Ruotsinoja said.

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