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Authors: Willow Welter

Some students use spirituality, meditation or religion to relieve stress during high-pressure situations like finals week.

Not only do students have to deal with final exams, but also registering for next year, trying to get more student loans, looking for a summer job, deciding whether to take summer classes and other stressors. Spirituality and/or faith can help some students gain inner peace.

“Ultimately I think (my faith) gives me perspective, knowing that there is something greater than the here and now,” said Jason Mayer, president of CSU chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Mayer offered advice to students who may feel stressed this time of year.

“Focus on something that gives you meaning in life,” he said.

Lauren Alleman, a freshman natural resources major, said that while she is not a “religious person,” she is definitely spiritual.

“I think it’s definitely helpful if you can just get up 10 minutes early to just sit and think, clear your head,” Alleman said. “I live in the dorms, so I don’t have a place to sit and meditate. But when I live in a house next year, that’s definitely going to be a big part of my day.”

The Baha/ Club, a religious student organization on campus, looks to faith to help alleviate pressure.

“We use prayer to deal with pressure,” said Mike Tamaddoni, president of the Baha/ Club. “It makes you realize there’s something bigger; God is bigger than anything that can happen on Earth.”

Lindsey Heller, a junior sports medicine major, said she also prays to relieve stress.

“I just give all my pressures to God,” Heller said.

Meditation and yoga provide two more methods of stress reduction. According to the World Wide Online Meditation Center, allowing the eyes to rest in a soft downward gaze has an instant, automatic and relaxing effect. Other tips on stress reduction through meditation are available at

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