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May 112003
Authors: Melissa Pester

With final projects assigned, library hours extended, test schedules set in stone and finals snack foods bought out at the local grocery stores, students seem to be longing for the end of the spring semester.

Whether it is registering for classes, finding a job, flying home or making travel plans, students at CSU seem to be interested in answering the question of what they are going to do with their summer vacation.

“I am trying to get into summer school at Front Range Community College,” said Danny Hadley, a sophomore technical journalism major. “A lot of people I know seem to be staying in Fort Collins and doing the same thing.”

If not enrolled at the local community college, many students look to supplement their summers with classes offered at CSU. Many different classes are offered in the summer semester.

“I will be taking about 14 credits through the summer program at CSU,” said sophomore John Marc Carpenter, an open option major. “But I think Hawaii would be nice this time of year.”

The summer school program has had its class schedule released since the middle of February. Students can also locate classes on their Web site at

If students are not looking for classes to take to supplement their fall and spring semesters, they seem to be thinking of anything but teachers, books and the demands of classes.

“I would say about 50 to 100 people walk into our office everyday,” said Cody Haybarger, an employee at STA Travel, located in the Lory Student Center. “And of those people, about half of them are making plans to go to Europe.”

Students seem to have taken an interest in spending two weeks to a month in Europe-most of them planning on backpacking through major cities like London, Haybarger said.

“Popular destinations in the United States seem to be New York and cities like San Francisco,” said Haybarger. “But I would say our most popular destinations are in Europe.”

Out-of-state students have also been making plans for their summers-some of those plans include going home. Seemingly, about half the students making summer plans seem to be making plans to go home, according to STA Travel.

“I will be going home to Michigan,” said freshman Brooke Davy, a human development and family studies major. “I will work at a local day care, but I am not taking classes.”

Recent graduates from CSU have also been making plans for their summers, tentatively planning for their last summer before becoming professionals.

“I think that most people who are graduating are looking for jobs,” said graduating senior Jordan Sowell, who is applying for graduate school. “I am going to Mexico after finals to relax.”

No matter where they are going or what they are doing, many people making summer plans have a dream vacation they would like to take.

“I would prefer to go anywhere there is a secluded beach,” said junior Bobby Klaer, a human development and family studies major. “But, anything would be better than staying in Fort Collins and working, which is what I am doing.”

Whether they have plans to go elsewhere or not, many students seem to believe their peers are taking summers to work hard and earn money.

“I think most college students take the summer to work one or more jobs,” Davy said. “They are all trying to make some money, but most of all I think they are interested in having fun.”

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