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Students can get the most out of studying if they find a place where they are not too comfortable.

“It probably is not the best to study in the most comfortable chair because you just get too tired,” said Scott Chase, assistant coordinator for stress management programs at the University Counseling Center.

Typically, Chase said, it is important to remember that studying should be done in a quiet place with minimal distractions. In the long run, it just comes down to students finding a place that works for them.

Some students prefer to get their work done in the bustling atmosphere of a coffee shop.

“It’s not so quiet that I can hear myself think,” said Kacee Hellar, senior human development and family studies student. “I really like the atmosphere.”

Hellar, along with other CSU students, like the late-night hours offered at Mugs Coffee Lounge. They are open until 1:00 a.m. on weekdays.

“I also like how late they’re open,” Hellar said. “And the coffee really helps, especially late at night.”

Randi Kilzer, sophomore theater student, prefers the convenient location of Morgan Library.

“I like it because it’s centralized,” Kilzer said.

Nathan Thompson, sophomore biology major, agrees.

“There are no distractions, like at home,” Thompson said. “Here, it’s just me and the books.”

Shali Enright, senior exercise and sport sciences major, said the library is too quiet for her to study effectively.

“At the library they kick you out at midnight and people yell at you when you have frustration outbursts,” Enright said. “I really like it to not be too loud, but not too quiet either.”

Maureen Kotzbach, a junior studying social work, likes to get her studying done outside.

“It’s just better than being inside in general,” Kotzbach said. “And I can smoke out here.”

No matter where students decide to study, it is important they make sure to stay in a good mind frame, Chase said.

“Give yourself permission to put that task down for a minute,” he said. “Visualize a nice place to go to in your mind, somewhere peaceful and relaxing.”

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