May 082003
Authors: Willow Welter

On May 13, the Challenge Ropes Course on Pitkin Street will officially close to make room for a new residence hall.

The course, which supplies team-building strategies and amusement for student organizations, high schools, couples, Greeks, businesses and other groups, will re-open on June 1 in its new location, on Centre Avenue southwest of the University Holiday Inn.

“The location and new design are hopefully going to attract new clients,” said Mike Doyle, coordinator of the CRC, which will soon be called the Challenge Course at Colorado State University.

The new course will be twice the size of the current one, will have new landscaping with trees, a climbing tower, a yurt to be used as a classroom and shelter and other features, Doyle said.

“(The course) is basically team building for any group that’s looking to have fun,” said Doyle, who designed the new course along with other staff members at the current CRC.

The Campus Information Services staff is one group who utilized the CRC in May 2002 for team building skills.

“It’s really challenging, but you help each other out,” said Emily Schleicher, a sophomore sports medicine major who works at the information desk. “It really forces you to work together.”

Allison Day, a junior art major who also works at the information desk, agreed with Schleicher.

“They had really good team building activities,” Day said. “We did high ropes events, and parts where you walk across a really high log or swing across rings. Stuff like that.”

The CIS staff took about 25 people with them to the course, including management, Day and Schleicher said.

Mason Wiebe, a facilitator at the CRC, said he is excited about the new location, especially the new landscaping and trees.

“We’re going to have shade,” Wiebe said. “Being out there in August with only dirt and the heat is hard.”

Wiebe said some groups come to the challenge course just for fun and others come for reasons like trust issues.

“Overall what we’re trying to get across is group communication,” Wiebe said.

Doyle said the new course will allow for “many new programming options and many more years of service to the CSU, Fort Collins and northern Colorado communities.”

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