May 072003
Authors: To the Editor

As I picked up my copy of The Collegian on Monday May 5, my attention was immediately drawn to the colorful illustration on the front page of the paper.

The graphic was the “map” of the amended Frisbee golf course. After reading the article, which was relatively well-written, I returned to the graphic and was still unable to find any value in its presentation. The “map” lacks a compass rose, scale or any identifying landmarks.

I realize that putting a colorful picture on the front page of your paper increases your circulation by drawing attention, however I think that the majority of your reading audience would appreciate a black and white map with a compass rose and maybe a big black spot for the lagoon. A graphic on the front page should at least have some newsworthy value.

The cornucopia of color, school mascot and random circles and lines is useful for entertaining those of an altered state of mind and would probably make for an excellent new logo for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) organization. Those things aside, it really has no value. The Collegian is a newspaper read primarily by college students and should reflect that. Next time please spare us the amusement of the pretty colors and put in a map that actually shows us something.

Adam Rosenbaum

Sophomore Mechanical Engineering

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