May 072003
Authors: Jessica Blush Gronewold KCSU Prime Time DJ

A smooth, melodic journey through the pangs of love and growing up, Copeland’s debut LP, Beneath Medicine Tree, definitely delivers an emotional impact. The slow, almost melancholy style will leave you nostalgic, yet hopeful for things to come. A blend of intricate instrumentals, soothing melodies and harmonies, and heartbreaking lyrics, this CD packs a punch aimed directly at your heart and soul. Songs like “Priceless” and “When Paula Sparks” display intense passion and pain after losing the love of a lifetime and desperately wanting her back. Vocals dripping in agony and elation, you can feel the intensity in every word. After all, which of us hasn’t believed that “there’s a love that transcends all that we’ve known of ourselves and I’ll wait for it to come.” If you are looking for an emotional journey of ups and downs, this CD hits just the spot.

Deadly Avenger – Deep Red

Malik Idbeis – KCSU Electronic Director and host of “In the Mix”

Damon Baxter, a.k.a. Deadly Avenger dropped his debut album Deep Red on us recently, and its been blowing my mind ever since. Deep Red is an epic outing along the lines of DJ Shadow, but with a lot more grandeur.

Deadly Avenger claims to have a lifelong passion with music and cinema, and this album is the product of the two obsessions. The album conjures images of frantic chase scenes, epic battles, romance, and all other forms of dramatic effects. While the album is not a soundtrack to anything in particular, you can’t help but feel yourself getting lost in your imagination. “Punisher” is a solid, fast break beat that makes you want to take your car and tear through a neighborhood with a cop on your tail. On the other end of the spectrum is the extremely self-explanatory “Love Sounds.” This track is a subtle slow riser that lulls you into thoughts of past romances.

Deep Red is a great album that will challenge you to keep up. If you can do it, it will engage your mind and stir your emotions, thoughts and memories. Let yourself go on this ride, let Deadly Avenger take you away.

Grandaddy: Sumday

Review by Daniel Higley, Music Director, KCSU FM

The bearded members of Grandaddy, remind me of some of the Beach Boys sipping “special” Kool-aide with the Flaming Lips. Their new album Sumday, due later this month, features smooth, happy, flowing summer songs with strange lyrics and sounds. The first single “Now It’s On,” is an upbeat motivator with lyrics like, “Bust the lock off the front door, once your outside, you won’t wanna hide anymore.” The record is filled with charming melodies, and good vibrations. I played “El Caminos in the West” outside my apartment at I-House, and caught several attractive females bobbing their heads to the catchy beat. Looking for an album to bring to your favorite Fort Collins beach resort? You may have to look no further than Grandaddy.

Pete Yorn: Day I Forgot

Cody Golliher – KCSU Concert Director

If you haven’t heard of Pete Yorn yet, the next best thing might just pass you by. Day I Forgot, Yorn’s follow up to the last years critically acclaimed album, Musicforthemorningafter might just establish Yorn as the next great rock ‘n’ roll artist. His lyrics will ease you into sweet ecstasy as sung in the acoustic ballad “All at Once” as well as get you rockin’ with the catchy song “Come Back Home.” His distinctive and rugged voice lets you hear the music and see the pain and joy in every song featured in Day I Forgot. This album is one not to forget. You can request Pete Yorn on “Your Radio, KCSU”

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