May 072003
Authors: Jason Kosena

In a 10-year span, thousands of students come and go from CSU. Some graduates have gone on to accomplish much in their fields.

However, every year one student who graduated from CSU in the last 10 years is the recipient of the “Distinguished Graduate of the Last Decade” at the annual Alumni Awards Dinner, which was held on May 2.

Scott Anderson, who graduated from CSU in 1993, was the recipient of the award this year. Anderson, a resident of Highlands Ranch, currently works for The Industrial Company, one of the world’s leading industrial contractors, as a regional controls manager.

“I’m honored and extremely flattered that (Larry Grosse, the department head of the construction management department) even nominated me for the award,” Anderson said.

With money from a recent project that was finished under budget, Anderson and fellow alumni are setting up an endowed scholarship fund for the construction management department, Anderson said.

“We finished a project recently under budget,” he said. “The program manger (of the project) was very impressed with many of the (CSU) interns that worked on it. So, he wanted to find a way to support the program. I just helped him initiate it.”

Some faculty at CSU had only good things to say about Anderson.

“We’re very proud of Scott. He had an outstanding academic career while he was here at CSU,” said Nancy Hartley, dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences. “He has also gone on to become very successful in his field. He is also a very dedicated alumni of CSU.”

The award is one way that CSU can recognize alumni who have been contributing and participating in university operations, said Colleen Meyer, the director of alumni membership and service for CSU.

“The Graduate of the Last Decade award was added to the Distinguished Alumni Program in 1994,” Meyer said. “The (award) recognizes a recent graduate for his or her accomplishments which have brought honor to Colorado State. The recipient is chosen based on their accomplishments made in their career area, and/or volunteer work that has brought honor to themselves and CSU.”

Meyer wants to stress that donations to the university and scholarship funds are not the only factor in determining which graduate receives the distinction.

“We look at the whole quality of the canidate, not just what they have done in terms of financial donation. We take a broad look at all the aspects of the individual,” she said.

Perry Kline, a junior construction management major, thinks receiving the Graduate of the Last Decade distinction would be a nice accomplishment.

“Everybody just tries to get out of college with a degree. But to be named the Graduate of the Last Decade would be cool. It’s quite an accomplishment,” Kline said. “We should all be so lucky.”

Anderson is just happy he can help out the construction management program.

“I’m so glad that I can give back to such a great program and to such a great university,” Anderson said.

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