May 052003
Authors: To the Editor

I am writing in regards to the article on May 5, “Where are Iraq’s Weapons?” If we don’t find the weapons of mass destruction, this war should not be looked as a failure or an unjust reason of going to war with Iraq.

The “just cause” of going to war with Iraq should plainly be that Saddam Hussein went against the Just War Theory. The Just War Theory “justifies of how and why wars are fought.” The first criterion, Competent Authority, says that war must be conducted by a government, not a private authority, which is directed to identifiable political result. In lamens terms, genocide and a holy war are not political.

With this in mind, Saddam clearly went against this in 1991 after the Gulf War when he literally killed tens of thousands of people and threw them into a “gravesite.” This site was found by our marines in the War with Iraq.

Not only did Saddam have all of those people killed, but he has also been known to kill innocent women and children which have always been against the rules of war. Saddam is a murderer and he needed to be stopped. The people of Iraq celebrated when Saddam was taken out of power and possibly killed, and the fact that these Iraqi people were happy with this, should be enough reason and enough just cause to have fought this war.

The United States should be looked as the country that wants to promote peace and prevent innocent people from dying. The War with Iraq was a just war and shouldn’t be looked at any other way.

Andrea Matich

Sophomore Business Marketing

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