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May 042003
Authors: Oliver Cook

At long last, the semester is about to end, as is my undergraduate career. It’s been long, hard, and fun, but as I prepare for adventuring in Central Asia, I thought that I would leave you with my analysis of the current state of global affairs and the future of our planet in less than 500 words.

(Thank you for your support, aid, criticism, hate mail, sabotages, death threats and everything else that my avid readers have contributed.)

The “Bush Doctrine” states that the United States is effectively on a holy crusade for democracy building around the world. The United States will unilaterally violate state sovereignty in order to crush terrorist groups that the local government cannot or will not deal with, and in the process replace unfriendly governments with a government more in line with United States foreign policy.

Yes, I agree. That is pretty much imperialism right there, and George W. Bush is our very own Emperor Nero, fiddling while Rome burns. I say this because unilateral geopolitical action is not what is going to fix nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan, or calm fears of a United States cultural invasion from across the Islamic world. It is not going to deal with terrorists in countries that are not “strategically important” to the United States.

What it will do is reinforce the belief that something must be done to balance United States power by any means necessary.

That balance of power is going to come from China, the Islamic world, and potentially ideologically based groups like eco-terrorists or Marxists. China, in its embarking upon a quest for superpower status, views the United States as an adversary and its only major rival to Asian hegemony: There will be conflict, militarily, economic, or political between the two countries within the next several decades.

The Islamic world, containing disparate governments, is a relatively unified culture. It acts on this principle as well. Just look at the nationalities that make up any Islamist terrorist group and you will see what I mean. If inconsistent United States policy in the Middle East does not change soon, individuals from across the world are going to begin a Jihad against America.

As for Eco-terrorists and Marxists, they will only be a real problem if the 1percent of the population who owns about 40 percent of all net-worth do not start using their inordinate sums of money in a responsible manner for the betterment of human civilization. This could seriously be a problem since the wealthy continue to get richer while the relative income gains made by the bottom 40 percent of income earners can barely exceed the inflation rate.

Hmmm… the tendency of wealthy Californians and Texans to gobble up open spaces for their monstrous displays of power known as 2nd and 3rd homes could be more of a problem than a lot of people realize.

In a nutshell, the state of the world is pretty chaotic and open to a lot of warfare and conflict in the encroaching decades. Terrorism and warfare will spread out of hotspots like South and Central Asia, Colombia, Africa, etc. if a sensible, economical, moral solution is not found to contain, and then cure these ailments. Crusading around the world for political change is not the answer to problems that all stem from money (power), and its completely unequal distribution between the haves and the have-nots.

Remember that as you grow older in your respective careers, and strive for higher ideals and a better way of life for human civilization, not the solidification of the bourgeoisie’s power over the economy, culture, and ultimately your identity.

Cheers, I’m gone.

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