Let criminals do hard labor

May 042003
Authors: To the Editor

This is in response to Rod Rodriguez’s article on May 2. He poses one fallacious idea: “The death penalty is not effective as a deterrent”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we don’t call it Capital Deterrent. Rather, it is capital punishment. Rod goes on to make a great point at the end of his article about people not fearing death, but rather life.

I totally agree. For this reason I believe our most hardened and evil criminals should be made to do hard labor. Have these criminals dig trenches and holes. Put them to work to benefit the state and therefore “earn” the money needed to keep them in prison. This could apply to less serious criminals.

By giving prisoners skills and a respect for hard work, they can be set free with some hope of not falling back into the same pattern that landed them in prison in the first place.

Tim LeVier

Senior CIS and Marketing

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