May 042003
Authors: To the Editor

This letter is in response to Jon Ackerman’s May 2 column regarding Iowa State basketball coach Larry Eustachy.

Although Ackerman’s views may be laced with sarcasm (for I highly doubt he truly believes it would be in the best interest of both the team and the university for a CSU men’s basketball coach to be “trying a four-man beer bong at a frat party”), I still feel inclined to disagree with his opinion in regards to Eustachy to “cut him some slack.”

The admission of Iowa’s highest paid public employee of his attendance at college parties after losses, as well as making “poor decisions” regarding personal conduct (which, when viewed in public, is a representation of the university), is not something Iowa State should be proud of.

It seems that for these reasons alone, the Iowa State athletic director has grounds for recommending the termination of Eustachy. Left out by Ackerman, however, was Eustachy’s staging of his own press conference just hours before the university made public his suspension. In what many saw as an attempt to save his job, Eustachy declared himself, “An alcoholic who needs help”.

I would hardly consider a man who admits his serious problems with alcoholism and has been consistently known to make poor decisions in his private, post-game life fit to coach a team of any kind, let alone the ISU men’s basketball team, or as Ackerman joked, our team right here at CSU.

Like it or not, public employees and figures who are highly visible in our society are held to a higher standard. While the random “old guy” who helps drain the keg at the frat party only has to struggle through the next morning’s hangover, Eustachy’s decisions affect far more people.

T.J. Hicks

Junior Speech Communication Major

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