May 012003
Authors: Jason Kosena

Peder Halseide is a landlord in Fort Collins as well as a full-time student.

An owner of multiple homes in the area, Halseide, a senior liberal arts major at CSU, has started a Web site that features easy-to-navigate listings of housing opportunities for students.

The Web site,, is geared toward generating a database of many different landlords and their properties for people who are seeking housing in Fort Collins to access and use as a housing finder, Halseide said.

“The site has been very successful for me and hopefully it has been for others who use it,” Halseide said. “I’ve rented out three of my properties from the site.”

One important aspect of the Web site, Halseide said, is that it gives other landlords in Fort Collins an opportunity to list their properties and for renters to search for housing, all for no charge.

“The site allows renters and tenants to search housing for free,” Halseide said.

Renters using the Web site can fill out the renting application online and then send it directly to the landlord. Renters can also search for prospective roommates.

“If you need a roommate, you can search for one on the site and landlords who list their properties can have (renter applications) emailed directly to them,” Halseide said.

Another aspect of the Web site that is nice for students is the landlord’s ability to accept payment online, making renting simpler for the renters, Halseide said.

Ryan Finch, a junior real estate finance major at CSU and a local landlord, likes the idea of the Web site.

“If I was having trouble renting my units out, I would use the Web site in a heartbeat,” Finch said.

Finch believes that by simplifying the housing process, renters have a better opportunity to find what they are looking for.

“Using something like a Web site would increase my chances of putting the right tenant in the right house,” Finch said.

Joe Sandy, a freshman open option major, also thinks the Web site is a good source to use for a housing search.

“If I wasn’t planning on moving into my fraternity house next year, I would definitely use a Web site like,” Sandy said.

Sandy said he would want to check out the security when paying rent online, but said he would probably use the Web site to pay rent.

“I would feel comfortable using the Web site to pay rent as it’s a protected site,” he said.

Finch, who spends time every month collecting payments from tenants believes that having renters pay online is a good idea for any landlord.

“Having renters pay online would save me money and time,” Finch said. “I think the whole Web site is a good idea.”

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