Indie comes to Fort Collins

Apr 302003
Authors: Troy Briggs

In the first article of this year I wrote, I described

the various opportunities for all of us movie maniacs

to see something off of the beaten path. A few weeks

ago there was an amazing development in the world of

the indie movies in Fort Collins. Carmike 10 has

given indies a chance and will be showing a few indies

every week.

One of the jewels of the current list is

The Quiet American, staring Michael Caine as a British

journalist in French Indochina (in the days right

before it became Vietnam). This film is a mystery at

its core and is delicately set around the lives of

three people, an American (Brenden Fraiser), a

beautiful Vietnamese woman and Caine’s Character. The

visuals in the movie are stunning and wrap around you

like a blanket of dark red velvet. Along with the

arresting story and stunning visuals, the acting is


The movie was a question to the viewer on the subject

of involvement. This is a question that is very

relevant to us, especially in these times. Watch for

clues, watch the color of the clothes, and watch for

the topic of involvement in every aspect of the film.

Fort Collins has long thirsted for the indie options and this was

highlighted by the recent academy awards where many of

the films that were all the buzz only came to us for a

week, if at all. The films that come through the

indie suppliers are almost always a treat to watch.

If we support Carmike in its attempt to bring indie to

Fort Collins, it might just stick around.

Another great movie-going opportunity that has come

back recently is the incredibly rich American

experience of the drive-in. When the night sky begins

to dim, rows of cars trek out to drive-in theatres

across the country but more specifically out across

from the road up to Horsetooth Reservoir. There is

nothing that can beat the drive-in experience. Both

The Carmike’s indie scene and the drive-in’s nighttime

bumper-to-bumper fun are impressive dates. Take your

guy or your girl out for something a little bit

different this time.

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