We Are the Champions

Apr 272003
Authors: Joshua Pilkington

T’was an eventful weekend filled with booze and glee for the student media of our university.

Gathered at City Park garnering flags at the waist, we prepared to battle flag football style with bragging rights at stake.

It’s just fun and games, that’s the sentiment we fed, even though to lose was the ultimate dread.

So commence game one, the Collegian vs. CTV, will it be a challenge or a wash, soon we will see.

An early lead for the enemy and like that we’re down, but within our competitive spirits no feeling of defeat would abound.

A quick score plus two and we’re tied, unfortunately for the enemy, we had just hit our stride.

A pumped up defender, drunk out of his mind, supplied the energy from the defensive line.

Meanwhile the sports staff – which of course includes me – began picking up points, as if they were free.

Twenty unanswered and the game was through, CTV left defeated and looking quite blue.

In a battle of eight-on-eight our squad came away, with a remarkable, energetic 20-12 victory.

The following battle, seemed to last forever, what was the final score? Friend, I’m not that clever.

Suffices to say KCSU won, leaving CTV all the more glum.

And so it came down to the end of the wire, the scholars against the radio jocks, who will soon wear the sign: “I’ll accept food for a hire.”

Seven-on-seven was the format of the game, but since KCSU brought two teams and a half, eight-on-eight was the change.

Again a quick score, this time for our side, gave us a 6-0 lead and sense of secure pride.

Though the one they called Beano was difficult to stop, our offense and defensive provided enough pop.

Some 40 minutes later and the score was settled, although it didn’t occur without a little bit of trouble.

A meaningless fight occurred on the field; perhaps they thought this was hockey, where such antics aren’t concealed.

18-0 was the final as we won the day, the Collegian 2-0 – what more can we say?

With our drunken madman patrolling the field, and our Iron Women keeping opponents on their heels, our team was undefeated and unthreatened to say the least, I guess you could say we unleashed a beast.

So here we stand, the Collegian, the staff greater than all, winners, and champions, of student media Flag Football!

Josh is a junior journalism major and will be next year’s Collegian sports editor.

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