Apr 272003
Authors: Jason Graziadei

The Rams were completely shut out of the NFL Draft this weekend.

The handful of players that had hopes of getting selected, including running back Cecil Sapp, all found themselves undrafted by the end of the seventh and final round on Sunday. Besides Sapp, lineman Morgan Pears, punter Joey Huber, defensive back Rhett Nelson and H-back Henri Childs were also possible draft picks.

Of all the CSU hopefuls, Sapp had been predicted as having the best chance of being selected and had been rated among the top 10 running back prospects in the draft. But 23 running backs and full backs were selected over the weekend and Sapp was not one of them.

The players will now have to wait to be contacted by any interested teams about signing them to a free-agent contract.

Sapp watched the draft from home in Miami and said he and his agent are in discussions with several teams, including the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers, about the possibility of signing as a free agent.

“Right now we’re trying to look for a couple teams and see what they have to offer,” Sapp said. “The Broncos are really interested in me so I’ll have to wait and see.”

Two former Rams who were unselected in last year’s draft, Pete Rebstock and Dallas Davis, both signed free agent contracts in the weeks after the draft.

While Rams fans may feel jaded by getting shut out, Sapp said, “I can’t say I’m surprised; there’s a lot of talent out there.”

The last players to be drafted from CSU were John Howell, who went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fourth round of the 2001 draft, and Rick Crowell, who was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the sixth round that year.

The Rams have had six players selected in the first round all-time, the latest being Kelly Stouffer, who was chosen as the sixth pick overall in 1987 by the St. Louis Cardinals.

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