Apr 242003
Authors: Becky Waddingham

Ahh, Monica Lewinsky. Everyone’s favorite cocktail-party joke. The buxom brunette who gives every politician in Washington pause before purchasing cigars. The eager girl who forever changed the perception of the Beltway intern.

You’ve gotta love her. And now, America has another chance to watch our favorite political porn star on TV – on the Fox network, no less – as she hosts the new reality show “Mr. Personality.”

The show features 20 male contestants vying for the favor of one woman, who cannot see her suitors’ faces or know their names, ages or financial status. She has to eliminate the poor schmucks solely on the basis of their personalities.

What better person to host a show like this than Monica Lewinsky? I mean, I ‘m sure she has a great personality. After all, she is the unpaid intern who fellated the president of the United States! You have to be cool to do that. Or at least certifiable.

It is my sincere hope that Fox decides to move the show to primetime Sundays, right after CBS’ “60 Minutes,” so I can watch Clinton and then Lewinsky, back-to-back.

Really, I have nothing against Monica. My only experience with her has been the ill reputation she gave young, enthusiastic White House interns. One day two summers ago, I was waiting at a security gate on my way to a press briefing, and a strolling tourist noticed me standing inside the iron gates by the West Wing.

“Do you work here?” she said.

“Well, kind of… I’m an intern,” I admitted, only to have her ask: “A White House intern? Really? (snicker) Do people tease you about that?”

Um, no, but thanks for asking.

Granted, this was the same summer Chandra Levy disappeared, so queries for interns abounded.

Still, it was Lewinsky, dear, sweet Lewinsky, that forever gave interns a bad image. And now I get to watch her on the newest “reality” TV show, because I couldn’t get enough of her from 1998 on. Sweet.

What kind of liability would it be if Mr. Personality turned out to be Gary Condit? Or Gary Hart? Or, for that matter, the 42nd president of the United States?

Now that’s something I would have to tape.

Creative kitsch

Apparently, Americans really like Saddam merchandise – so much that they are buying it by the truckload off places like eBay.

The phrase “Saddam Hussein” returned 1671 items on eBay as of 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, many of which were old Iraqi dinars (money). Other categories included “militaria,” “weird things,” collectibles and even health and beauty items – well, actually, just one $5 soap on a rope. No Saddam toilet paper yet, even though Osama bin Laden rolls were selling like hotcakes in New York.

You can also get a deck of Iraq’s most wanted playing cards for around $1.50.

Now I know what I want for my birthday.

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