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Students looking for flexibility may find it in CSU’s summer class schedule.

CSU offers about 500 classes during the summer, said Barbara Gotshall, director of CSU’s summer session. The classes are accelerated and offered in three different four-week terms and one eight-week term. More than 6,000 students usually enroll.

“The campus is laid-back and much more hassle-free in the summer,” Gotshall said. “Some students really do like that.”

The registration process is also laid-back. Students of all levels can register at any time and can continue to register up until the day before the class starts.

“Summer is what we call open enrollment,” Gotshall said. “There are no formal admission requirements.” For those that aren’t currently students at CSU, the application process is very informal.

“Probably 85 percent of summer students are our own students,” Gotshall said. “But students from other universities can come and take summer classes, too.”

Summer classes can help students lighten their load in the regular semester, improve their GPA or take advantage of smaller terms.

David Spight, adviser in the Help/Success Center, said taking summer classes is usually a great idea.

“In most cases, I would say it’s good,” Spight said. “It can give students a chance to either catch up or get ahead.”

Summer session doesn’t offer as many classes as fall or spring semester do, but Gotshall hopes they offer the classes students may have a hard time getting into during the regular semester.

“Departments try to put in courses that students are really needing,” Gotshall said.

Larry Williams, a master’s education student, also works in the Help/Success Center. He said summer session is a good time for students to try out different areas of study.

“Students can explore some majors that have restrictions during the main year,” Williams said. “It’s a really good opportunity.”

Tiffany Ban, junior natural resources management student, is planning to take two math classes this summer.

“They’re prerequisites for other classes I need to take,” Ban said.

She thinks summer will be the perfect time to get these classes out of the way.

“The schedule is more flexible,” Ban said. “Just because I don’t have to worry about all my other classes at the same time.”

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