Apr 222003
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Cam the Ram is invited to a wedding next spring.

Andrea Goede, senior liberal arts student, and 2nd Lt. Josh Logie, CSU alum, met about three years ago when they were both Cam the Ram mascots for CSU.

Logie proposed to Goede on April 9, dressed in the Cam the Ram costume.

“Cam the Ram got down on one knee in the middle of campus and proposed.” Goede said. “We figure we’ll have Cam the Ram at the wedding, we’ll put a bow tie on him and let him prance around.”

Goede and Logie both grew up in Colorado Springs, but attended different high schools. They met once at a party but didn’t hit it off until they saw each other in their Cam the Ram costumes.

“It just seemed like that (Cam the Ram) was kind of the significant thing to how our relationship started,” Logie said. “I knew all along that was how I was going to propose.”

Logie is in the Air Force and is currently stationed at Yokota Air Force Base in Tokyo. He was on leave for the week when he proposed. Goede knew a proposal was coming soon, she just did not know it would be from Cam the Ram.

“I was definitely expecting him to propose,” Goede said. “I bought a ring and kept it with me the whole time he was here. I spaced it out when he got down on one knee.”

Kyle Krueger, a junior marketing student, is a good friend of Logie and Goede. All three of them were Cam the Ram at the same time.

“They’re both good people, they like to have fun,” Krueger said. “I think it’s great. They fit well together.”

Goede and Logie are excited for their future together.

“I’m excited to marry my best friend,” Goede said. “It’s just really neat.”

They are planning their wedding for early next spring.

“It’s really rough right now since I’m in the military,” Logie said. “I can’t wait to get started down that path.”

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