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Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

In honor of Earth Day, as well as her 60th birthday, Azra Jaganjac, professor of chemical engineering, is planning to plant a tree in fellow professor Ranil Wickremasinghe’s back yard.

Jaganjac initially planned to have 25 cherry trees planted near Grover, but after this idea met resistance she opted for this alternate location, nonetheless still promoting Earth Day.

“We must first start with the children and their education about nature,” Jaganjac said.

Jaganjac is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and has been accepted as a Fulbright Scholar, which allows her to remain close to her son who is finishing up at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs; he is also the first Bosnian to participate in the program.

“The devastation of the environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina has given me a reason to focus…I attempted to promote environmental awareness through the founding of the NGO, Group for Environmental Actions,” she wrote in a biographical sheet.

She is at CSU for one semester only and wishes to spread her message to as many people as possible.

“Through my years of experience as an educator and as the assistant minister for education during the war and post-war periods, I have always viewed children as top priority,” Jaganjac stated in the sheet.

Jaganjac has also been a high school chemistry teacher, a lead research supervisor during the construction of a coal mine and thermo-power plant in Ugljevik, a professor and dean of the Teacher’s Training College of Sarajevo University, director of the State Pedagogical Institute, manager of the Project Implementation Unit at the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

“I was also responsible for processing and implementing the grants, donations and loans from the World Bank and Islamic Development Bank,” she wrote in the sheet.

Proudly a Muslim and a citizen of a war-torn country, she identifies with the struggles within Iraq and offers this advice:

“Post-war reconstruction needs Iraqi intellectuals to help their country to be properly resituated towards democracy,” Jaganjac said.

She believes that a bright future is an attainable goal.

“I would like to believe that the probable is possible,” Jaganjac wrote in the sheet. “I emphasize that only through clear goals and persistence will human endeavors be realized.”

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