Editorial cartoon tasteless

Apr 212003

Responsible journalism at its worst. The political cartoon referencing the apparent recovery of Laci Peterson and her unborn child is one of disgust, and those responsible at the Collegian should be chided.

I’m willing to give that political cartoons don’t always have to be witty, funny or amusing. Most of the time they fail to be so. Presented, though, is an obvious message about the world, whether it be about society, politics, philosophy, etc. The point is that commenting “Petersons or not, may they rest in peace” as a body is loaded into the back of an ambulance serves no real purpose. If there is a purpose to making such a statement, then a political cartoon is most likely not the proper medium in which to make it.

I tend to disagree with the politics of the Collegian, whatever the issue at hand may be. That’s fine, I can only wish that the paper continues to provide some worthwhile discussion material. But, as I said before, the cartoon is horribly distasteful. This sort of image and comment doesn’t add to conversation, understanding, or knowledge of the world.

I certainly hope that responsible journalism is practiced in coming editions, but Monday’s newspaper was a horrible example of when it is not.

Robert Lee

Senior Political Science

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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