Apr 212003
Authors: Oliver Cook

There is a problem, inextricably linked with terrorism, that is threatening every man, woman, and child’s stability on the planet. That problem is the rise in Neo-Nazism, right-wing ultra nationalism, and the White Power movement in general.

This is a problem because these people, whether a legitimate political arm or a paramilitary militia, believe that the “white race” will ultimately enact an absurd perversion of Darwin’s theory of evolution on the entire world after a long, bloody race war.

While most of the groups subscribing to this ideology are not unified or connected in any way, they do exist in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Asian portion of Russia. The largest concerns in Europe include the far-right Danish People’s party that controls 18 percent of the vote, Joerg Haider who controlled the Austrian Freedom party, and the inordinate amount of Nazi skinhead thugs who populate every country in Europe from Spain to Russia. (Side note: I just wanted to point out that I emphasis “Nazi skinhead” because “skinhead” is an apolitical youth subculture based on 1960s English mod and Jamaican Rude Boy style; point is that its not necessarily a racist group, but it can be when sexually inadequate white power activists start spreading propaganda amongst them.)

The problem in Africa includes the very wealthy white farmers of Zimbabwe who are having land inefficiently confiscated by the truly moronic President Robert Mugabe, as well as any number of neo-Nazi and white power political parties in South Africa. These guys are really dangerous because they have in the past, and continue to produce a lot of racially motivated mercenaries and assassins.

For the sake of room I won’t touch on Australia too much other than to say it’s a nice place were a certain segment of the population suffers from a settler mentality. Other than that you should watch “Romper Stomper” starring Russell Crowe if you want to see about Australian Nazis.

Lastly, and in my opinion most importantly, we come to America, where an estimated 25,000 people are die-hard followers of the aforementioned and similar movements. This statistic may not initially appear to be alarming because seriously, how much damage can 25,000 people do in a country of 250 million people, of whom the vast majority share the belief that an individual should be judged on his merit and not his ethnic background? Well, unfortunately the answer is that they can do a lot of damage.

Unfortunately these ignorant fools subscribe to an anachronistic political theory known as Nazism, which is similar to fascism but contains beliefs on race, gender and ethnicity: A historical myth, much like Marx’s belief in the inevitability of class revolution. Anyway, in this political theory the body politic, or all participants in the state which in their case is synonymous with race, act as one living, growing organism whose ultimate destiny is to efficiently eliminate the other organisms on earth and expand into their land.

In essence they want to continue the genocidal European expansionism of the 19th century instead of finding ways to prosper in the globalized market economy of the 21st century. Now that’s inefficiency if I’ve ever seen it. No matter how hard one believes in an ideology, sometimes they’re just dead and never coming back.

To end, I wanted to let you know that these groups are operating in our own backyard, with a church nearby whose name I will not mention for fear of reprisal, various Nazi skinhead crews throughout the Front Range, and worst of all the intrusion of the National Alliance into Colorado.

The National Alliance was attempting to create a confederation out of all existing white power groups in order to gain some political legitimacy. That was one of Mao Zedong’s principles for any insurgency group, ie. guerillas and terrorists. Establish a seemingly benevolent party core to legitimize the acts of the insurgents/guerillas/terrorists like Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, and you have succeed in taking the first step to overthrow of a legitimate government.

Yeah, it’s scary stuff, but that’s no excuse to stand idly by while thugs, terrorists, and racists engaged in illegal firearm and ammunition sale and modification move into our truly American community.

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