Apr 202003
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Testimonies from the Jenin refugee camp in Palestine, onscreen and from a speaker, were heard Friday evening by the Palestinian Student Association.

PSA presented the film “Jenin, Jenin,” a documentary about the effects on the people of the refugee camp after the invasion by the Israeli army in April of last year.

Brian Wood, who was in Palestine during the camp invasion, had a first-person perspective of the aftermath of the invasion and the consequences it had on the population.

“A way of life was destroyed,” Wood said to a room of 25 listeners. “This is the Israeli answer to the Palestine refugee issue.”

The documentary had interviews of men and children giving testimonies of the hardship they faced after their homes and lifestyle were destroyed.

Wood spoke to the room about what he considered humiliating treatment of Palestinian refugees by Israeli soldiers he witnessed while he was there.

Refugees were forced to sleep on the ground without clothing, blankets or food under the gun point of Israeli soldiers. According to Wood, 800 homes were completely destroyed and demolished in addition to 600 homes internally destroyed by the “hands of Israeli soldiers”.

“Nothing was left untouched…schools, homes,” he said. “A way of life was destroyed but the people there have not stopped living. Resistance will not be with weapons but with the (refugee’s) will in God.”

Wood said the general feeling from the refugees is they blame the whole world, not just Israel for what was allowed to happen to them.

“The only country to help peace in the Middle East is the United States,” he said.

The next PSA event will be May 2. Speaker Bassem Hassan will discuss the plight of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. He will speak from 6 to 8 p.m. in room 228 in the Lory Student Center.

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