Apr 172003
Authors: Melissa Pester

Beginning on Monday, the City of Fort Collins will implement Level 1 watering restrictions adopted by the City Council April 1.

The council adopted a four level drought response plan at the beginning of April, each level measured on projected water levels for the city, according to Fort Collins Utilities.

“Voluntary reductions in indoor water use during the winter, following last summer’s successful commitment to outdoor water-use restrictions, have resulted in water use so far this year being almost 14 percent below average use for non-drought years,” said Michael B. Smith, general manager of Fort Collins Utilities, in a press release.

Recent snowfalls have brought some drought relief, which has brought an improvement for Fort Collins’ water supply; however, 2003 projected water supply remains below normal. According to Fort Collins Utilities, water supply for the city is at nine to 10 percent, which places the city in the Level 1 restriction level.

“We are not anticipating a need for Level 2,” said Wendy Williams, deputy general manager for Fort Collins Utilities. “Unless something very unusual happens, like the snow going directly into the ground rather than down the river, we should remain in Level 1.”

Over the summer three people from Fort Collins Utilities will enforce the restrictions. There will be people who drive around town responding to calls and looking for watering day violators, according to Williams.

“(Restrictions are) too bad because Fort Collins is a beautiful city when it is green,” said Jade Brown, sophomore restaurant and resort management major. “But, farming and having food is more important, so I guess we can handle brown yards for awhile.”

In an attempt to keep things less confusing for Fort Collins residents, the watering days have been broken down into even and odd addresses.

“This way it will be easier to tell if someone is in violation, because they will be on the wrong side of the street,” Williams said.

Enforcement measures will include fines for wasting water and other violations.

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