Apr 172003
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig


Student employees at CSU were recognized this week in collaboration with National Student Employment Appreciation Week.

Assistant Director for Student Employment and Office of Student Financial Services Janeen Sivon said between 4,000 and 5,000 students are employed at CSU. She hopes that different locations on campus will do their part to recognize their student employees.

“We encourage individual employers to do their own celebration,” Sivon said. “Each department sort of does their own thing.”

Students are a valuable part of the employment force on campus, said Diane Siefkan, payroll and personnel employee at Housing and Food Services.

“(Students) are very much a valuable part of what we do, we would have a hard time running without them,” Siefkan said. “We appreciate every one of them.”

Student employees at the Lory Student Center were honored Thursday with a gift bag from the Employee Appreciation Committee at the LSC.

“We made 367 bags,” said Beverly DeVault, chair of the Employee Appreciation Committee. “There isn’t a department in this organization that doesn’t have student staff.”

Students are the backbone of operations at the student center, said Karen McCormick, special projects coordinator.

“Students are what it’s all about,” McCormick said. “We work for them and with them.”

Students were glad to be recognized for the hard work they do.

“It was very exciting,” said Jessica McGee, senior speech communications student and employee at the student center information desk. “It’s really nice to be appreciated.”

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