Apr 172003
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Associated Students of CSU senators are hoping to make students’ voices heard in the upcoming year.

“We’re going to have a renewed focus within senate on outreaching to all parts of the campus,” said Jason Huitt, senator-elect for the College of Business. Huitt is a returning ASCSU senator from the College of Natural Sciences. He said his goal, as a senator, is to make sure every student at CSU has a voice.

“We work to do the best we can for the university as a whole,” Huitt said. “I personally do it for the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve done something to help the student body.”

Nick Stites is preparing to serve his first term as an ASCSU senator. He too is planning to focus on giving students a chance to be heard.

“I really just want to get more involved with what happens on campus,” Stites said. “I’m just looking forward to representing my college.”

Nathan Steinberg is returning to ASCSU as an associate senator for the College of Liberal Arts. He represented the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biosciences the past two years. Steinberg hopes students will continue to become more involved in what ASCSU does.

“We do so much in ASCSU, but nobody really knows about it,” Steinberg said. “It’s kind of disheartening to know something you put that much time into something no one cares about.”

Steinberg also stressed that ASCSU needs student input to function.

“We want to be making sure students know what’s going on,” Steinberg said. “The first and foremost goal is to outreach to your constituents and students.”

Amanda Belles, returning intra-university senator, thinks having a year of experience under her belt will help her serve students better.

“Now that I have experience, I think I can use that,” Belles said. “Our prime responsibility is students.”

New Senators

College of Agriculture

Todd Gaines

John Larson

College of Business

Luke Brunner

Jamie Robinson

Jason Huitt

College of Engineering

Nick Stites

Natural Resources

Britta Schroeder

Ian Guest

Graduate School

Ashly Nickel

Matthew Bates

Applied Human Sciences

Ashley Cole

Breanna Farnsworth

Alicia Roberts

Intra University

Amanda Belles

Liberal Arts

Amy Sell

Andy McDonald

Colin Quinn

Kendra Olds

Dustin Zvonek

Maria Bennett

Natural Sciences

Courtney Cage

Marisa Adelman

Nicholas Harris

Lindsay Sharp

Vet Med & Biosciences

Kevin McCartin

Megan Royer

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