Apr 172003
Authors: Jon Ackerman

And we’re back here on CamRam 1555 AM. Let’s take our next caller, Larry from Lawrence.

Yeah, I just wanted to talk to someone in Fort Collins and find out how it is you guys at Colorado State keep your football coach around. I mean, that Sonny Lubick guy has done a remarkable job with that program. They’d kick the corn out of our Jayhawks. But we’ve got a top-tier basketball program that went to the Final Four the past two years, and our coach leaves for a team that didn’t even make the NCAAs the past two years.

Well Larry, I would have to say it’s a good thing Sonny Lubick got his bachelor’s from Western Montana and his master’s from Montana State, because those schools don’t figure to be alma maters he’ll want to return to for coaching. Because after all, that is why your coach, Roy Williams, left Kansas to coach at North Carolina.

The reason Lubick is still around here in Fort Collins is because he has everything he wants. Obviously, Williams is gonna get more money by going to North Carolina, and Sonny many times could have doubled his paycheck if he decided to move on a bigger school. But it’s not always about money with these guys, which is nice to see. If Williams had everything he wanted in Kansas, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, now would we?

But thanks for the call, Larry. Dick from Durham, you’re on the air.

I don’t see why it is that these kids are getting all butt-hurt when their coach leaves. That’s the nature of sports these days; it’s all about greener pastures. When was the last time you heard a coach get bent out of shape when one of his star ball players left college for the pros? You think Jim Boheim is going to throw a fit when Carmelo Anthony heads for the big bucks? No, all he can do is thank him for bringing him his first championship.

True, you make a good point, Dick. Mike Krzyzewski over there at Duke has seen many a player leave for the NBA and all he’s done is reload. But look at it this way: a coach is a big reason why many players choose the school they go to. You think CSU football players come to Fort Collins because they’ve dreamed of winning the Liberty Bowl? No. Nine times out of 10 it’s because of the man in charge.

Appreciate the call, Dick. Phil from Fort Collins you’re on CamRam.

Now why would Roy Williams want to remain in desolate Kansas when he could live on the East Coast? And don’t wonder why Sonny Lubick is still here in the Fort; it’s because he’s from Butte, Montana. CSU is big enough for him. You think he could handle an Oregon State or USC?

Uh, yeah, actually I do. Lubick coached at Miami and Stanford, and he could probably handle just about any head-coaching job in Division I. This isn’t about where a coach was born, or where he’s from. It’s about where he wants to be, which a lot of the time is where he came from.

I don’t understand why it seems so crazy to people for coaches to leave where they’re at. Many reasons may be selfish, but many are not. Lubick, after all was the offensive coordinator at CSU in the early ’80s, and when he had his chance to return to this post, he took it.

It’s why CSU’s former secondary coach, Marvin Sanders, left to go to Nebraska; that’s his alma mater. It’s why CSU’s new tight ends/special teams coach, Darrell Funk, is back at CSU; he played here and coached here until 1987. It’s all about doing what’s best for you.

Well folks, we’re out of time (space, really). Tune in next week. The topic: Will CSU’s annual spring game bring in 1/16 of the fan turnout of 80,000 that’s expected at Ohio State?

Jon is a senior journalism major and the Collegian sports editor.

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