Apr 162003
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Students are not the only ones affected in the midst of budget cuts; the administration and faculty are also feeling an impact.

To balance next semester’s budget, the university is freezing 50 vacant, tenure-track faculty positions. There are no plans to layoff any current faculty.

The university is also planning to eliminate approximately 75 staff and administrative professional positions. Out of the 75 positions, 30 are currently filled. Employees were notified that their position was being eliminated.

“Most employees have been notified in December,” said Peter Nicholls, CSU’s provost/academic vice president. “We wanted to make time to find employment (for those employees who have been notified) within the university.”

University strategic priorities and seniority of staff will determine the eliminations, according to a letter from CSU President Albert Yates.

The elimination of these positions will generate $5.4 million toward the total $29 million in cuts the university is being forced to make.

Yates’ letter also made the point that CSU’s percentage of expenditure on administrative support is at 50 percent of the national average for comparable institutions.

The budget cuts have also affected the university’s performance pay program for state-classified employees.

Early in the year, the Joint Budget Committee voted to suspend funding for performance pay increases for the fiscal year 2003 to 2004.

Nicholls said the university will be forced to hire more part-time faculty to try to fill in the schedule without hiring permanent faculty.

“We identified a number of areas where the campus will feel the impact, arising because positions will be left vacant and so, because we need salary savings, we tried to minimize impacts, though there will be some,” said Gerry Bomotti, vice president of administration. “You are going to see the administrative support getting thinner than it already is in other places.”

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