Apr 162003
Authors: Vince Adams

Crow tastes best when marinated in a sweet lemon sauce and cooked for 30 minutes at 375 degrees, but for some, it can be consumed in any form. And those protesters who have been on the Plaza fasting in opposition to an “unjust war” might need some crow to ease the hunger pains.

The war was just. It took 12 years to enforce U.N. Resolution 687, which stated Saddam could not develop and/or have weapons of mass destruction. The United States enforced a U.N. law many countries refused to enforce. Saddam will no longer have WMD, and he will never be able to hide them in a corrupt, wicked regime.

The world is safer.

“We are killing innocent people.”

Well, the United States risked American lives to keep civilian casualties at a minimum. Sure, innocent lives were lost, but think about how many could have been killed had the United States not stormed and seized the country the way it did. The plan was brilliant: we defeated the regime before it could effectively hide in populous areas and launch war behind a human shield – which would have killed thousands of innocent Iraqis.

Also think back the innocent people Saddam has killed and would kill in the future. The United States saved innocent lives.

The Iraqi people are now free from a corrupt regime. To “fast” against a war saying the United States’ actions were making children hungry is ridiculous. The people were starving because the regime starved them, and the United States is now able to get vital humanitarian aide to those “starving children.”

Plus, now that the regime is gone, sanctions can be lifted – something already underway – and Iraq’s economy can be rebuilt, allowing the people of Iraq to participate in the world economy and feed themselves.

For those who portrayed the United States as an imperial conqueror that was out for Iraq’s oil, have you noticed how quick the United States helped organize leaders to create an Iraqi government based on a fair and representative government? The United States doesn’t want to occupy Iraq; it wants to give it to its rightful owners.

The war in Iraq was an important battle in the war on terror, or what I call “Operation Regaining Dignity.”

Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer Prize winning foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times, argues in many of his columns that much anti-American sentiment is based on many Middle Eastern peoples’ impoverished dignity.

Impoverished dignity means many of these people feel dangerously inferior – a feeling Friedman says spawns terrorism – when comparing themselves to the United States.

Ridding Saddam and helping to build a representative government able to participate in the world economy will allow Iraqis to regain their dignity.

And now the United States must help other people throughout the Middle East regain their dignity – and America can do this by extending its hand out to the world and by fixing tattered relations and anti-American sentiment.

After fixing Iraq, we must move onto other countries that are hot beds for terrorism. These countries actually take away their citizens’ dignity through bad leadership and bad policy, all while blaming their peoples’ impoverished dignity on the United States. These countries blame America so the people don’t blame their own government. And I am talking about countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which is saying nothing about countries openly hostile to the United States, like Iran and Syria.

War is not always needed. We can use diplomatic means to make these countries clean up their act and accept blame for causing its peoples’ impoverished dignity.

We have succeeded in Iraq, and Iraq will become a model for other countries in the region. We had to use war to restore the Iraqi peoples’ dignity because that dignity could have never been restored under Saddam.

Iraq was the first step in a just cause. The people in Iraq will soon have their dignity, and the people who protested the war don’t. But they do have plenty of crow.

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