Thanks for reelecting me

Apr 132003

Dear Citizens of Fort Collins:

Thank you very much for re-electing me for a third term in office as your Mayor.

I will continue to work with the Council, staff, and the community on our service. The next two years bring a lot to the table to work on solutions for our struggling economy, transportation needs, and preparing for future water supply. We need your support and insight.

Clearly, we will continue to address the affordable housing issues, emergency services and working in partnership with United Way and Neighbor to Neighbor on immediate homeless matters.

Being successful at building a city of people demands partnership and friendship with our neighboring entities and regional neighbors. It’s important to all of us that the people are able to walk in Fort Collins with a sense of hope, and not in despair with a sense of hopelessness.

Congratulations to Kurt Kastein, Karen Weitkunat, and David Roy for their re-election. Also, I offer kudos to those people who ran for Council and Mayor. It takes a lot of energy, time, and personal commitment to manage a campaign. I encourage more people to participate and be informed in future campaigns so citizens can continue to have more choices in our “Choice City.”

I care about our city and I love Fort Collins. I will always have an ear to hear the heart of the people.

Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez

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