Apr 092003
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

CSU is getting closer to replacing arguably one of the institution’s best leaders.

Last week the Presidential Search Committee submitted candidates to the Board of Governors of the CSU system, yet they submitted nothing to the student body.

The students of CSU are what give the university meaning and purpose. It would be beneficial to the entire process and the university as a whole to provide students with at least some information regarding the search.

We understand and agree that candidate’s names cannot be released at this point in the search process, because of the chance of hurting a candidate’s career if the person doesn’t get the position.

However, there is information the students of CSU could know without jeopardizing the candidates. For instance, how many candidates are being looked at? There is a notable difference if they are looking at two candidates, compared to something like 12.

If would also help students to feel involved in the process if we could have a general idea as to the qualifications of the candidates like a broad idea of their education, years of experience or how many “nontraditional” candidates are being considered. We could be happy with something as broad at a statement that 50 percent of candidates have a master’s degree, for example.

Because this important search process had been tainted by politics in the nomination of Marc Holtzman, Gov. Bill Owens’ Secretary of Technology, and because we could potentially have at least one unqualified candidate, we feel the students should have more input regarding who becomes our next president.

Finally, an idea of the characteristics the board is looking for or what kind of questions the candidates will face would assure the student population that the board is really acting in the best interests of students.

We are concerned that the first time students see names will be during finals or after the semester ends, which doesn’t allow anytime for reaction or input. We urge the board to consider providing some further information or to release information before the end of spring semester.

We commend the board’s care in protecting the candidates for this top position on CSU’s campus. But we hope that they will let us be involved at some point, too.

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