Apr 082003

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Ryan Gilbert’s April 8 letter. His letter struck very close to home for me.

I must disagree with Gilbert. I am not a protester but I take a very personal objection to the notion I don’t support the troops because I don’t support the war. That is the same as saying I don’t support the Fort Collins Police Services because they issued a noise violation I don’t agree with last month, or that parking ticket I got in Old Town.

Obviously there are policies and orders the police carry out every day I don’t agree with, but that in no way means I don’t support or appreciate individual police officers or the institution as a whole. I know if I ever need their help they would be there for me and that’s why I support them.

The same is true with our troops in Iraq. I support them individually and as an institution because I know they are there to protect my family and me. I just disagree with this particular mission and the orders they’ve been given – and that’s all.

The reason Mr. Gilberts letter hit so close to home with me is because my brother is in Iraq. The person I grew up with and admired my entire life is in harm’s way, and I support him and his fellow troops completely. For someone to tell me that I actually don’t support my brother on account of my disagreement with the war because he is annoyed with protesters is truly amazing.

Gilbert suggests the protesters volunteer to help Americans at home instead of the protesters; I suggest since you believe you support the troops and my brother more than I do than you enlist and fight beside my brother in Iraq. Perhaps than I will have respect for you.

Todd Veron

CSU Senior

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