Apr 082003
Authors: hristopher J. Ortiz

The Board of Governors of the CSU System now has a pool of candidates from which to choose the next CSU president.

The Presidential Advisory Committee handed over several names, both of traditional and nontraditional candidates, to the board on Monday. The chosen candidate will replace current President Albert C. Yates, who will be retiring in June.

Reginald Washington, president of the board, said over the next several weeks the board will conduct interviews with the candidates.

“I am excited,” said Associated Students of CSU President David Bower, who is a non-voting member of the board. Bower, who has seen the list of candidates, said that all of them look great on paper.

“I just wanted to be part of that decision,” he said. “I just want to make sure we have candidates who are supportive of the students.”

Washington would not say how many candidates were submitted to the board or any of the candidates’ names.

Bower said the reason the board is being secretive is out of the respect to the candidates and the search process.

“To respect those people and their careers, we have to respect their privacy,” he said.

The only publicly named candidate is Colorado Secretary of Technology Marc Holtzman, who was endorsed for the position by Gov. Bill Owens, although it is unknown whether his name was submitted to the board Monday.

“We have a good pool of several candidates,” Washington said.

The board will announce the names of the finalists in the next couple weeks and invite them to visit the campus. The search process is going as planned, Washington said.

Albert C. Yates is retiring from his position of CSU president after 13 years. The new president will replace Yates this July.

Collegian reporter Kyle Endres contributed to this report.

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