Apr 072003
Authors: Amy Bergstrom

Many students at CSU are far from home, living in a country that is now at war.

International students have come to CSU for an education and to experience the American way of life. However, their opinions on the war in Iraq seem to be similar to many Americans’.

Most people that Shuxin Yin, a doctorate student in computer science, knows are against the war, Yin said. “I’ve only met one person – international student or in the international community – who was for the war.”

Yin is critical of the United State’s haste in the matter, he said.

“The United Nations inspectors should get more time to see if we can actually find some weapons of mass destruction,” Yin said. “Maybe send more inspectors, then if they found any weapons, the United Nations would pass a resolution and the war would be united. Instead, the United States and Britain are isolated.”

Yin said that there is no question of victory though. “The U.S. will win, but it’s bad in the long term for the U.S.,” he said. “It just makes things more complicated.”

For Alex Pudov, a physics doctorate student from the Ukraine, the confusing nature of the politics involved makes it difficult to choose a side.

Pudov said that while he does not agree with the war, he does not have the insight of government leaders.

“I don’t think any war is right, but it’s hard to make out unless you’re in the top levels and you know exactly what’s going on,” he said.

Ana Cruceanu from Romania, whose husband, Stefan, is a doctorate student in mathematics, is concerned about the loss of innocent lives.

“I don’t think any issues of any kind can be solved by war,” she said. “There are innocent people dying and I don’t think anything is worth this big sacrifice.”

In the international community, the reoccurring theme was peace.

“I think we can solve any problem in this world peacefully,” said Bordin Dechawatanapisal, a mechanical engineering master’s student from Thailand. “Some of them who are dying, they are not soldiers; they are women and children.”

The loss of civilian life also troubled Sami Alkhawaldeh, a doctorate student in economics from Jordan.

“I’m against the war,” Alkhawaldeh said. “I think, what about the freedom, the life of the people who are dying for the sake of bringing freedom?”

It also seems that the United States are being hypocritical in the war, he said.

“I read this in a newspaper and it’s true,” he said. “It said, ‘We are Americans, we use weapons of mass destruction to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.'”

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