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Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

Just when you thought the voting was over, another election appears on the horizon. Fort Collins city elections are April 8 when citizens will be electing a mayor and city council representatives for their districts and voting on two ballot issues.

This year’s election will be conducted by mail-in ballot. As of Thursday morning, 14,966 voters have turned in their ballots, according to the city clerk’s office. That is 29 percent of registered active voters in the city of Fort Collins.

The Collegian Editorial Board wholeheartedly supports the reelection of Mayor Ray Martinez. Martinez is a Fort Collins native and has over 26 years serving the community in everything from law enforcement to CSU’s Greek community. Martinez is interested in what CSU students think and are concerned about. He has been our mayor for the past four years and he knows this city inside and out. Martinez has realistic goals for transportation that includes alternative transportation, and addresses water supplies in his platform, something that will be increasingly on citizen’s minds come summer.

For City Council District 6, the Collegian Editorial Board feels that Remi Frazier, a CSU student, is the choice that will represent students’ concerns in City Council. His platform features a diverse array of environmental concerns, growth ideas and affordable housing emphasis. He has specific ideas to address specific problems and has good experience in a variety of places. Most importantly, he knows student’s concerns and will provide that student voice in City Council that is currently missing. Students made up about 20,000 of the citizens of Fort Collins, and deserve active representation in City Council.

We at the Collegian would like to encourage all registered voters to vote. Ballots are due to the city clerk’s office by 7 p.m. on April 8. They can also be dropped off at City Hall, 300 LaPorte Ave.

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