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Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

The Lory Student Center staff wants to know how they rate with students.

On Wednesday students will have a chance to tell them.

For the fourth year in a row, the student center will administer a survey from Educational Benchmarking, Inc. EBI allows CSU’s student center to see how well it serves students and how it compares to the student centers at six demographically similar schools around the country.

“We pick six institutions to benchmark against,” said Karen McCormick, special projects coordinator for the student center. “We try and look for schools similar in size.”

The survey gives the student center staff a heads-up on things that may need to change. For instance, the upcoming food court renovations are a is a direct result of the EBI survey, said Kris Folsom, director for the student center marketing department.

“It gives us an opportunity to just ask and see how well we’re serving the student population,” Folsom said. “It shows us what we’re doing well and it shows us what we can improve upon. We take action based on what happens in the survey.”

The student center staff will be handing out the survey in the Commons, the Flea Market and the Lory Student Center Plaza entrance of the building. Students will receive a free Mary’s Mountain Cookie for their efforts.

In past years, CSU has fared well on the survey. Some of the student center’s highest-ranking categories have included safety, a welcoming and positive environment, a variety of services and a quality atmosphere.

The survey also rates the top reasons students want to come to the student center. Eating, shopping at the bookstore and meeting with people have consistently been the top three reasons students come to the building.

Becky Wareing, a sophomore interior design student, said she spends a considerable amount of time at the student center doing all of those things.

“I hang out there at least every day,” Wareing said. “I usually meet up with my friends. It’s a nice atmosphere to just relax.”

Folsom hopes students always feel comfortable in the student center. If not, there are many ways to do something about it, she said. The EBI survey is just a start. There is also the student center governing board, Associated Students of CSU elections and many leadership development programs.

“This is the students’ place,” Folsom said. “There’s lots of places and outlets for students to become active and involved.”

Senior biology student Quan Nguyen, likes hanging out at the student center the way it is.

“It’s a good place to just waste time between classes,” Nguyen said.

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